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Advertising is a young, dynamically developing project dedicated to the latest news and reviews of the Chinese technologies.

Our audience is constantly growing and now it consists of about 13 000 daily visitors, 65% of which are regular readers.

We do not use banner exchange and teaser advertising systems, as our audience is actually interested visitors who find us with the help of search engines by keywords associated with the reviews and news of the Chinese technologies (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, media players, etc.) and related websites. More than 65% of our traffic is the traffic from search engines, the rest 15% is direct traffic.


Let’s check the analytical statistics (Google Analytics data) for September, 2016:

  • Audience – 445 000
  • Page views – 1 100 000
  • Referrals from search engines – Google: 142 000, Yandex: 50 000

Geographical location of our audience:

  • Ukraine – 43%
  • Russia – 45%
  • Other CIS countries – 8%
  • Europe and Asia – 4%

Banner advertising

Time display (a banner is displayed during the specified period of time (minimum 1 week) without any display limits per one unique user for one ad campaign)

The price is for 1 week

Banner Homepage Category* Dynamics**
720х90 upper $35 $30 $40
400x300 right side $40 $35 $45

Category* – the banner is displayed in the category (news, reviews, etc.) and all the category materials;

Dynamics** – the banner is displayed on all the pages of the website;

N.B. As our banners do not have any limits connected with number of displays and clicks, we have a possibility to place more than one banner on one banner space (but no more than two banners)


Theme banners

The banner is placed in a specific news or review corresponding to its theme. For example, review of CUBE TALK7 with a placed theme banner.

The main advantages are as follows: the banner is placed right in the text of the news or review (the client has an opportunity to choose the place he wishes). The banners with such a placement get more clicks rather than those placed in standard banner locations (header or sidebar). Due to a good indexing in search systems, most of our keywords connected with the reviews are enlisted in TOP5 in Google, for example, review of CUBE TALK7. That’s why more users of your target audience will see the banner in this review. The price for a theme banner placement is $50 per month.  


Banner specifications:

Acceptable formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, swf

Banner size: up to 75 Kb

Flash banner must have a click handler: on (release) { getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank"); }


Dear advertisers, as the China-review portal is trying to preserve its own individual strict style, and in order to avoid mutual misunderstanding, please coordinate the physical size and placement of your future advertisement and its design in advance. We are particularly interested in colours and sense load of the banners, as well as the quality of their presentation. In some cases, our designers can help you create an advertisement meeting our criteria and your wishes.



In addition to the banner advertising, we offer commercial articles (reviews) writing, using samples of techniques provided by our customers.

The main advantage of PR materials as compared with other types of advertising lies in attraction of a larger percentage of the target audience. The customer receives a separate webpage with unique content and a link to the advertiser’s resource.

The cost of commercial articles (reviews) writing is from $ 75 to $ 100, depending on the amount and depth of theme disclosure.

Examples: Reviews of LeEco Le S3Xiaomi Mi Mix and  Ulefone Gemini

Dear advertisers, please note that all our materials are purely objective. We are not engaged in promotion of any products, brands and Internet resources.



Taras Lakhno tel.: +38(097)505-06-09

Email: [email protected]


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